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Our CEO and founder, Charles Mays, believes the role of MCB is to facilitate success for companies by identifying and creating opportunities that offer excellent ROI and a socially responsible impact on communities and employees. Mr. Mays was selected as Supplier of the Year Fortune 500 Company, Top 40 Innovator, and received Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Recognition.
Hailed as a visionary, Mr. Mays has lent his expertise to younger companies as well. Currently, Regulus and Monofoil represent two companies that Charles knows can not only create a highly profitable return for investors but will also move the human race forward in the quest for healthier and more livable environments.

Mr. Mays’ knowledge of commercial real estate (Broker in Charge) combined with his ability to create and complete win-win deals for both buyers and sellers has become a hallmark of MCB. A current offering that defines this type of deal making philosophy is a successful Marina on the Atlantic that Mr. Mays envisions expanding into double digit sales and earnings growth.

Read what Business leaders with experience working with Mr. Charles Mays say about him:

“An accomplished real estate consultant, instructor of real estate, director of a mid-eight figure real estate investment company writes “It was great to see you Friday. Thanks for taking the time to come and visit with me. I always enjoy spending time with one of the smartest men that I have ever met. Incredibly insightful.”


Commercial Real Estate Developer “It is my great pleasure to know Charlie Mays, and I wholeheartedly vouch for his personal character. I have had the pleasure of working alongside him for several years, where he has been entrusted with a great deal of responsibility. I have had the opportunity to observe Charlie’s professional skills as well as interpersonal style. He is consistently pleasant, and takes on all assignments with enthusiasm and dedication. Charlie is not only creative; he possesses the rare skill of being able to communicate his ideas and their associated benefits effectively, which in my case resulted in sold homes and happy residents. Simply put, he gets results. While it is truly a pleasure to see Charlie work, I know that I cannot monopolize his time, he has earned my respect and gratitude. I cannot wait to see what Charlie can accomplish for you.”

Office Nurse (36 Years) for a prominent surgeon writes: “When you meet Charlie Mays for the first time, it is as though you have known him for a lifetime. He is so friendly and puts you at ease immediately. Charlie is the most honest, loving, intelligent and energized person I know. Whatever project he is involved in, he goes beyond what is expected. His integrity will never be questioned.”
President and Chief Executive Officer – Fortune 500 Company writes: “Mr. Mays our corporation just recently implemented a process that recognizes specific act of performance that are clearly Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. I am pleased to inform you that you have been recognized for ABCD Performance.”

A Group Managing Director of Healthcare for a Wall Street Firm writes: “Charlie is a most creative visionary and “doer”, is excellent at turning problems into opportunities. Charlie is from my home state of North Carolina, where we like to think of ourselves as down to earth, genuine, straight forward and cordial business partners. Charlie exemplifies this and is a delightful human being that anyone would be honored to call friend and partner. I am a big fan of Charlie. My background includes growing up in North Carolina; graduate of Duke, MBA from University of Chicago; two years service in US Military Intelligence; and, 38 years in investment banking on Wall Street.”

Thad Merriman is experienced in Real Estate Development, HOA Management, 1031 exchange, Commercial Investment, Zoning, Banking, Estate Settlement, Buy, Sell and Lease of Properties.

Thad is accomplished in technology attending Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt, Germany. This highly ranked University has contributed some of the key industrial developments in Germany. Thad earned certifications in Certs-A+, BICSI, Server+, CCNA Data Center (Cisco). Also, Thad has training in wireless architecture and volatile data recovery.

Prior to European study Thad attended Marshall University. Thad was active in football and Lacrosse, obtained degrees in Criminal Justice and German.

Thad’s European Studies travel to Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, France, Croatia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Belgium and France.


Thad speaks and writes German and Czech, speaks a little Spanish and Russian.

In addition to studies Thad worked in Prague at CSOB Banka.

If you are locating a tech, Eastern European Company or Key Personnel in North Carolina Thad Merriman can be a tremendous asset to you.

Thad’s wife Elizabeth has a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration with focus on Information Systems.

Thad and Elizabeth live in the Winston Salem Area with their two rescue dogs Hank and Patches. Thad is an outdoors adventurer enjoying the mountains and coastal fishing. The family has deep community roots with Thad’s Grandfather starting Bingham Lumber about 1952. This company grew into a major land company, Thad’s mother operates Fraleigh’s Ladies Clothing in Clemmons. Entrepreneurship is a hallmark of the family.

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